Tune Up Service in Manassas, VA

Tune Up and Scheduled Maintenance

Automotive tune up in Manassas VAThe nature of maintaining your car, minivan, pickup or SUV has changed over the years.  However, the basics of how a gasoline engine should be serviced have not. Regular preventive maintenance and a tune up are still the key to having a reliable and fuel-efficient engine.

Most technicians recommend that late model vehicles need to be serviced at least once every fifteen thousand miles or approximately every two years, whichever comes first.

With that said, however, not every “expert” agrees on what preventive maintenance is, what you should do and when you should do it.  Adding to the confusion is a misunderstanding between manufacturer-recommended scheduled services and routine maintenance. Routine maintenance, like checking tire pressure and topping off fluids, should be done as needed. Following your vehicle’s scheduled tune up and maintenance, on the other hand, is more comprehensive to ensure that your vehicle doesn’t break before its “supposed to.”

Each manufacturer has developed a service interval schedule to provide general guidelines for maintaining its passenger cars, mini vans, pickups and SUVs. So when in doubt, follow your owner’s manual. Regardless of what you drive, the maintenance schedule for your specific vehicle is inside it. You will learn, for example, how often the fluids, filters, and wear items should be changed, serviced or replaced.

Interested in knowing the maintenance interval for your vehicle?

Coho Auto has done the work for you. At the bottom of the Services page, you’ll find the recommended maintenance for your vehicle. Simply click on the manufacturer logo of your vehicle.

Since most dealerships offer limited tune up training for their technicians and provide them with the right equipment and parts to do the job, they are limited to servicing just one or two brands. And because they don’t attract or retain the best in the industry, attention to detail and quality are often lacking. At the other end of the spectrum, many independent car service shops don’t have the capacity or financial resources to properly train their employees or buy expensive diagnostic tools to repair today’s sophisticated vehicles. Therefore, they are limited to what they can work on too.

Our team at Coho Auto is trained to work on and maintain today’s high-tech engines and to keep your vehicle properly serviced. We have the most competent and best-trained ASE-certified technicians in the business and purchased the finest diagnostic tools and equipment to insure the work we do is done correctly – the first time. If you want us to perform a factory 5,000, 10,000 or even 90,000-mile service, no one does it better than Coho Auto when it comes to keeping your vehicle running like the day it left the dealer’s lot.